An Open Letter to the World Leaders

Alireza Zare
5 min readAug 13, 2021
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Dear World Leaders,

I know you’re awfully busy, dealing with highly important matters of your people. I know your secretaries are following you briefing you on the long list of events and meetings you are scheduled to attend. I know you are smiling at everyone in your office, wishing them a perfect day to serve the nation. I know your bullet-proof limos are awaiting you with your bodyguards checking on the routes you are supposed to take to get to your destinations. On the hallway, you hear:

‘Good morning Mr. President.’

‘Have a nice day, Mr. President.’

‘You look superb, Mr. Prime Minister.’

‘Hello, Mr. Ayatollah. May God keep watching over you.’

‘Good day, Your Majesty.’

‘His Highness, the King is leaving the palace.’

Well, good luck!

I am a writer and also a teacher. They say writers and teachers are the awakened souls and conscience of each nation. They are always on the alert to let people know things they might overlook otherwise. They feel committed to their people and human society at large. I am one of those, and I have a word with you. It will hurt, I’m sure. I’m going tell you all anyway, you Great Leaders.

How do you see yourselves? What do you think of yourselves when you look in the mirror or see your pictures in newspapers and websites? Here is how the majority of people, including me, see you in case you don’t know:

You are superstars, starring in your roles as pawns in the hands of lobby groups and profit-seeking companies. You deserve all the highest accolades and prizes in the business. To the public eye, you are nothing but a bunch of pathetic minions who feel proud only when they have pleased their masters and pandered to their every whim.

Your ancestors led us to civil wars — intense combats to kill our own blood, our own people, our brothers and sisters and children. It left a legacy of hatred, fear, destruction, economic depression, among others. Your antecedents invaded and conquered other nations, from their…