We all seem to be stuck in a rut, entangled in tight schedules to get more jobs done, make more money, and fulfill more ambitions. We tend to rush from activity to activity, doing whatever it takes to make our lives better and better.

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How can we keep ourselves in a good mood without spending much time and money so that we can keep going with the plans we have made and the goals we have set? Try these seven unbelievable techniques to win the silver lining in your hectic day, and enjoy good vibes all day long.

1. Hug…

‘Everything you see in this world has a function to serve, son.’ My grandfather told me when he heard me talking behind some kids at school. ‘Let’s take a walk in the apple orchard again.’

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His apple orchard was a sanctuary for me, where I could stay away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while, getting lessons from a man of great wisdom and experience.

‘You see these creatures?’ he started pointing to some worms at the foot of a tree. ‘They look disgusting, don’t they? They have no eyes and are so weak.’
‘Or the ants…

Some foolproof ways to get rid of feelings of inadequacy

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Everyone goes through feelings of inadequacy from time to time, although such annoying feelings are more frequent for some of us. The fact is feeling inadequate is commonly experienced by all people, even by those we view as accomplished, gorgeous, prestigious, wise, wealthy, and perfect.

Such feelings of inadequacy can arise almost everywhere: When watching TV or reading a magazine, we feel we are out of shape or unattractive, nothing like the people in the movie or magazine. In a meeting, a conference or a classroom, we start feeling smaller…

I chose to publish this song I wrote on my niece’s birthday here in the Medium as I believe it will stay for good. What I intend to say is Medium is where you can make sure what you create will be eternal. Books, diaries, notes, pictures, and even clips you produce might get lost or damaged. However, things you share on the Medium are here to stay.

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Dear Celine,

Your birth was a divine blessing to the family when we were going through a difficult time. …

‘Today, I’m going to teach you something that will make you a different man,’ My grandfather said one day. ‘Let’s go, son.’

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I vividly remember him, my maternal grandpa. He was a tall, handsome man, robust and healthy, a witty, fun person to be with, someone you would definitely enjoy spending time with for hours without feeling bored. He always had a smiling face that would attract everyone, and he was quite well-known in the neighborhood. …

‘If you are not happy with what you have today, you will most probably not feel pleased with better things you might get in the future.’ I remember my late grandfather would always tell me.

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We are all in search of a comfortable, peaceful life. However, the bitter fact is we’re leading a stressful life, and we are going through a great deal of mental pain and agony. Even worse, we’re getting accustomed to this way of living.

I’m going to share with you a straightforward principle I’ve tried to commit myself to so that I can reintegrate peace and…

The joy of writing on the Medium

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Regardless of the type, writing is one of the most enjoyable pursuits one can ever embark on. It is, I believe, the art and skill of putting words together, creating something that has never existed. What could be more intoxicating than breathing life into words, creating meanings and notions that are invaluable to you as the writer and to your intended readers out there? Just the same way that our Creator, Allah Almighty, breathed His soul into the lifeless body of man, producing His masterpiece of creation.

They say when artists create a…

Dump some sacks of bad feelings before you take the next step ahead.

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Our traveling and packing habits can tell us a great deal about how we live and the level of satisfaction we get from our daily lives.

Some people travel heavy. They simply pack loads of things, not leaving even the smallest room in their suitcases empty. It’s not just about the suitcases. They tend to take a backpack, a handbag, and carry-on luggage as well. They have to carry all these bags to their destination, worrying all the time lest they might lose them or have them…

Hey Sahar. Great article. You got to be proud of yourself. Iran needs girls like you. Well done.

This story is about the fact of the worldwide inequality that everyone should know.

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The teacher knocked on the door, entered the classroom, and put his bag on the desk.

Not realizing the teacher was in, some of the students were still playing or talking. The teacher cleared his throat, trying to get everyone’s attention.

‘Hello class, good morning.’ He started. ‘Today, we’re going to learn some mathematics. Now take out your notebooks and copy what I’m going write on the blackboard into your notebooks.’

Some of the students were sneaking each other chocolate and fruit at the back of…

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Writer, University Lecturer, Public Speaker

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